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Limited Warranty Policy

All new Heat Pump, A/C Unit and Furnace Installations and Replacements have a comprehensive product and labor warranty for your protection. The labor warranty provides repair services for covered items at no cost during the coverage period. The manufacturer parts warranty provides replacement parts and components for covered items at no cost or a minimal processing / handling fee.

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If you are having a problem with a unit that is under labor warranty, to avoid a possible service charge please check the following before calling for service:

  • Be sure that all the utilities are on. Even if the circuit breakers appear to be on, shut them off and wait for 1 full minute before switching it back on. This will "reset" the unit and will also reset the breaker. Sometimes circuit breakers are tripped but still appear to be on. Some systems have 2 circuit breakers, so be sure to reset them both. Also beware that sometimes circuit breakers are labeled wrong, so it might be best to reset all the circuit breakers. There is a $60.00 minimum charge for utilities that are not on. We do not come out to "check units" under labor warranty to see if they work okay. If we do not identify a problem that is covered under our warranty, there will be a charge.

  • Check the thermostat to be sure it is set correctly for operation. If there is no display or a weak display on the thermostat, replace the batteries. Shut the thermostat OFF for 5 minutes and then restart the unit. If you have a programmable thermostat, put it in the "temperature hold" mode to test it for cooling or heating. Sometimes the programming can keep the system off. Thermostat programming issues are not covered under our warranty.

  • Check the air filter to be sure it is clear. FILTERS MUST BE REPLACED ON A MONTHLY BASIS DURING THE ENTIRE WARRANTY PERIOD. Dirty filters restrict the airflow and may cause damage to the unit. If the filter is dirty then replace it and shut the unit off for 2 hours with the fan in the "on" setting. This will allow sufficient time for the unit to defrost in the event the dirty filter causes the unit to ice up. Be sure to use only LOW RESTRICTION air filters. High restriction "allergy" type air filters can cause high electric bills, poor performance, and even freeze-ups. If you are using this type of filter, please replace it with the proper air filter and shut the A/C off for 2 hours with the fan in the "on" setting then return to normal usage and recheck the system before calling us.

  • Check the air vents in each room. Oftentimes occupants will close off one or more of the air vents in an effort to save electricity or to divert more air to preferred areas. This causes a considerable airflow restriction, similar to a dirty filter. If the air vents were closed off, then open all of them and turn the unit off for 2 hours with the fan in the "on" setting to allow sufficient time to defrost the unit.

HVAC Repair Limited Warranty

All paid repairs we perform (for systems not otherwise currently covered by Limited Labor Warranty) are covered by a limited warranty. For repairs not covered by a labor warranty but still under manufacturer parts warranty coverage there is a limited labor warranty.

The warranty may cover labor and materials. The only materials covered are those that we supply and specifically charge you for on the invoice. No warranty of any kind is provided for any other parts or materials that existed before our repair or for materials that were provided by the manufacturer as a warranty replacement. Parts provided by the manufacturer assume the balance of their original part warranty (or as provided by the manufacturer).

The only labor coverage that is provided is for the actual components we repaired or replaced. There is no labor coverage of any kind for any other materials that existed prior to our work.

All major components we sell and install, including the following, have a one year Limited Warranty:

  • Compressors
  • Blower Motors
  • Condenser Fan Motors
  • Combustion Inducer Motors
  • Gas Valves
  • Circuit Boards
  • Ignition Controls
  • Indoor Coils
  • Outdoor Coils
  • Thermostats
  • Circuit Breakers and Disconnects
  • Reversing Valves
  • Expansion Valves / Check Valves
  • Blower Wheels
  • Fan Blades
  • Digital Thermostats
  • Motor Mounts / Brackets

All other components we sell and install have a 90 day Limited warranty covering both parts and labor. Warranty is strictly limited to repair or replacement of the failed covered components only. We are not responsible in any way for losses, damages or injuries of any kind caused by the failure or any material we provided or any service we performed.

Warranty coverage is not provided for refrigerant conversions, fuses, air filters, batteries, drain lines or leaks (even if we cleared the line and / or made repairs to the line), refrigerant leaks (unless we replaced a refrigerant component such as a valve or pressure control, and only then is the coverage applicable to that specific component).

Materials that were compromised in any way (examples: a copper line that was corroded or scaled and we soldered it to stop a leak, a bracket that was broken or cracked and we repaired it because replacement parts were no longer available, a motor shaft that was damaged by a loose fan blade and we installed a new blade and the customer declined to replace the motor at the same time, a blower housing that had cracked or stripped out bolt holes, a compressor that was installed in a contaminated / compromised system, etc.) cannot be covered under our warranty. Generally these types of issues when we are aware of them will be detailed on your invoice.

Warranty hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, and must be made by us. Warranty repairs made by any unauthorized personnel are at the expense of the customer. Coverage is voided if the components we installed are tampered with, neglected, damaged, misused, or serviced / worked on by any unauthorized party. Repairs made to systems under warranty do not extend the warranty. They assume the balance of the previous warranty only.