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A/C - Heat Pump - Furnace / Installation and Replacements

When it's time for a new Heat Pump, A/C unit, gaspack or furnace, we've got you covered. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to perform both residential and commercial installations. We have extensive experience performing all types of HVAC system installations. Our specialties include:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Commerical spaces
  • New installations
  • New construction
  • Replacements

For our installations we primarily recommend two quality brands to our customers. We have carefully chosen these two brands after years and years of experience installing many other brands and learning from the problems and issues encountered with each brand. The two brands that we now recommend are most likely to give a positive long-term outcome for our customers, and since we stand behind our work, for our company as well. When we both are happy with the job and with the products we installed, everybody wins! Our main goal is to provide value and quality that will still be recognizable for a long time after the job is done.


Airtemp A/C and heating products are the best value of all brands we currently recommend. They are engineered with features that eliminate many of the issues encountered with other more problematic brands. In addition to being a great value and a quality product, they also offer the best standard warranty available. If you purchase a new packaged unit or a split system condensing unit and the compressor fails during the first year, Airtemp will provide a new replacement unit (NOT just a compressor like the other brands do!). The rest of the parts are covered by a full 10 year parts warranty by Airtemp. This is an exceptional warranty, best in the industry.

Airtemp air conditioning and heating products

American Standard

American Standard A/C and heating products are the highest quality and most reliable of all brands on the market today. Our experience as a contractor has paralleled that of thousands of happy customers who report that their new American Standard system is trouble-free even after many years of service. That is why American Standard is the brand we recommend the most.

American Standard air conditioning and heating products

Check This out: In 2016 Consumer Reports ranked American Standard as the most reliable central air conditioner of all brands. They polled over 16,000 customers who purchased a system within the past 5 years and the brand that won the title of most reliable (least likely to break down with-in 5 years of installation) was American Standard! In 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012 American Standard products were also rated most reliable by Consumer Reports who in total polled more than 100,000 consumers over that period. Very clearly American Standard products are ahead of the game when it comes to building a quality product. That's why we love selling them to our customers. We could link something right here or post some pics to support this claim, but better yet just do a quick search on your favorite search engine and see for yourself. It's all true!


Whether it's one small unit on a single family home or it's 100 units on an apartment complex, we are professional replacement experts. We are meticulous with details, making sure the every unit we install is level and placed on a proper base, the ducts are insulated and well sealed, the pipes and wires are all properly connected and the installation meets code requirements. There are lots of companies in the Phoenix area doing shotty work and cutting corners by doing cheap and unsafe work, but we simply refuse to ever take that path. If we can't do the job the way we want to, the right and professional way, we won't do the job! Look at the pic below. We are proud to say that our work speaks for itself. View more Replacement Pics.

packaged American Standard 5 ton unit - change out project in Tempe

New Installations

If you're doing a remodel project or a new construction build, residential or commercial, consider us for your HVAC installation. We have extensive experience with custom homes, tract homes, Energy Star projects, tenant improvements, office buildings, and many project types. View more Installation Pics.

  • System design
  • Custom ductwork
  • Exposed duct
  • Metal & flexible duct systems
  • Ventilation / exhaust fans
  • Dryer vents
  • Range vents
  • Condensate piping
  • Thermostats & control wiring
2 new American Standard packaged heat pumps installed on a remodel project in Phoenix

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We would be happy to come out and give you a free no-obligation consultation and a written estimate for any HVAC replacement or new installation project. Just give us a call or text at (480) 208-7100, or use the online scheduling form link below. It's super easy!

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