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Has another company already looked at your broken A/C unit and given you a $500 or higher estimate to repair it? If so, let us take a look at it. It could save you a ton of money! First off, oftentimes other companies will condemn expensive components that aren't actually bad. For example, a simple low cost capacitor could go bad and cause a fan motor to quit running. An inexperienced or dishonest technician will sometimes replace the motor when all it actually needed was a capacitor. A motor could cost you hundreds of dollars while a capacitor is a fraction of that cost. Secondly, even if their diagnosis is accurate, prices can vary widely between companies. Some companies (especially the "big guys") price gouge customers in the summer time and we can oftentimes beat prices from these greedy companies by as much as 25% or more!

Our offer is really simple. If your air conditioner is broken (or in need of a major preventive or corrective repair) and a licensed HVAC company has diagnosed it and given you a written quote to repair it in excess of $500 we will come out for FREE and double check it for you. We will look at it and tell you what the real and honest problem is and give you a fair estimate to repair it. All we ask is that you consider hiring us to do the repair if we can beat the price. That's all we ask.

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