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HVAC Product Brands We Recommend

The following listed below are some of the brands that we endorse because we have had very good experiences with their products in the past. They have fewer warranty issues and we know our customers will likely have a positive long term outcome when we sell units or components manufactured by these companies.


Products: Heating & A/C units. Airtemp has a standard warranty policy that is unsurpassed by any other brand, at any price! If the compressor fails on a new packaged unit or condensing unit within the first year they will provide a replacement unit at no charge. Beyond the first year there is an additional 9 years of full parts warranty coverage (totaling 10 years). All the other brands provide a replacement compressor only, not the entire unit.
American Standard

Products: Heating & A/C units. This is our preferred premium brand, highly recommended. American Standard has among the highest customer satifcation and lowest warranty failure rate of any brand produced today.

Products: Heating & A/C units. This brand represents an exceptional value. They have a full product line and up to 10 years manufacturer parts warranty available.

Products: Heating & A/C units. Trane is a sister brand of American Standard which also boasts a high customer satisfaction and low warranty rate.

Trane offers a full product line of standard residential products, high efficiency systems and a full line of commercial products.
Day & Night

Products: Heating & A/C units. We recommend Day & Night A/C and heating products for our commercial customers.

Products: Heating & A/C units. For replacements of other curb mounted York and Coleman products we recommend this brand.

Products: Heating & A/C units. For mobile home / manufactured housing we recommend Coleman products.

Products: HVAC repair parts, including made in the USA capacitors. Thier replacement components are very high quality and represent a long lasting value.

Products: Digital WiFi Thermostats. We are a Nest Pro dealer. Nest invented the "learning thermostat" which is capable of self-programming by learning your temperature preferences over time.
Flander EZ Flow Air Filters

Low restriction air filters. We recommend their air filters in the EZ Flow line because they do not cause issues and problems like many other highly restrictive filtration products do.
U.S. Motors

Products: Condenser and Indoor fan motors. Quality motors that have reverse leads which can be easily installed under the fan grill for complete safety. Many other motor brands have the reverse leads located seperately from the power leads and this makes it difficult to secure the leads. U.S. Motors has helped eliminate that problem by merging the power and reverse leads into one location.

Products: HVAC electrical and mechanical repair components. Tradepro components, especially relays, contactors, transformers and filter driers, are an exceptional value. We can pass this value and saving on to you, our valued customer, when we use Tradepro parts.

Products: Digital Thermostats. They are durable, accurate, have a huge display and large buttons that make them extremely easy to use. They have WiFi enabled models available that are super easy to use with their free smartphone app. They are a great value.

There are many other brands, whose names we won't mention here, that we no longer recommend and refuse to install. We only sell products that we have had substantially good experiences with so that we can recommend them to our customers knowing that they represent value and durability.

We are constantly on the lookout for new products and new manufacturers that have products that we can endorse.