CARD PAYMENT TERMS: This payment option is provided as a courtesy for the convenience of our customers and does not constitute agreement on our part to participate in the dispute resolution procedures through your card issuer, bank or payment processing company as a first or primary means of addressing complaints. If you are deliberately paying with a card in order to preserve the ability to obtain a refund, DO NOT make a payment using this service.

All materials provided to you or services performed for you by our company are for cash only. Any payment for said materials and/or services made and accepted through the card payment option is considered the equivalent of cash and is non-reversible and non-refundable, the same as if it were actually cash. Under Arizona law, once goods are affixed to your property or workmanship has been provided which renders an improvement to the property, those items become immediately and permanently unretreivable by us at that point. Until you pay all material and labor charges your property may be subject to a lien, but under Arizona law the actual materials or improvements are not considered surety or collateral even though they are the basis for the debt. In effect the materials and improvements become part of the property when they are affixed or provided and in consideration of this fact they are not returnable or refundable. Additionally most items become immediately unresaleable once they have been installed and are rendered unreusable thereafter.

If the payment you make to us using this card option is for goods or workmanship that later are suspected or alleged to be defective you agree to address the issue directly with us as follows:

1) Through customary warranty procedures.       
2) Through the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

We will do our best to resolve any valid complaint in a prompt and equitable manner. Since we are a licensed contractor you may be able to invoke your rights under Arizona law by seeking remedy through the Registrar of Contractors (ROC) if we are unable to satisfactorily and equitably resolve your warranty complaint. In certain cases customers may be entitled to receive monetary compensation from the Residential Contractors Recovery Fund, the contractor's bond, or our insurance policy. We encourage all parties to avail themselves to the resources provided by the ROC. Whereas most other people, including judges and credit card companies, lack the expertise to evaluate a complaint and render a fair decision on contracting disputes, the ROC is the only institution that fairly protects both the consumer and the contractor in a completely impartial and knowledgeable way.

You agree NOT to initiate a chargeback or complaint with the card issuer, your bank, or our payment processing company for any payment made to us that was authorized by you without FIRST exhausting the other remedies described above. While you may have the right under state and federal law to pursue a complaint with your card issuer, you hereby agree to waive those rights as a consideration for allowing you to make a card payment in leui of the required cash payment. You further agree to repay any losses we suffer as a consequence of a chargeback where you failed to FIRST exercise the warranty complaint and subsequent ROC resolution methods. With respect to a chargeback you further agree to be bound by any official decision rendered by the ROC in the event you pursue a complaint under their jurisdiction. If you do not agree to these terms then DO NOT use your card to make the payment. Click the EXIT button for mailing address information to send a money order or check payment.

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